Established, become a full-services system integrator with dedicated analysts, software developers, and technical supports. Sold the TurnKey Systems to the major government and financial sectors.

Released the hardware solutions to our sister company, and continue focusing in system solution services to deliver high quality customized software and professional consulting services, drive to be a world-class provider of quality solutions in Data Management, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence areas. Provide an information delivery system that transform data into information for better decision making.

In-depth focus into financial analysis, by developing Basel II standard compliance Risk Management System. Our main product includes iRMS Credit, iRMS Market, iRMS Liquidity, and iRMS Operational which are enriched with support packages like iRMS Scoring and iRMS Rating. Together with our partners shows and proof our existence in risk management area.

Launch an Executive Information System for bank which rely on data warehouse technology.

Collaborate with more analytics experts and providers to brings best world products and solutions, locally.